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Injured 'Midnight Rider' crew member receives $5000 in donations

A successful crowdfunding campaign has raised over $5000 for injured hairstylist Joyce Gilliard showing the film industry's huge support for those who suffered on the set of 'Midnight Rider.'

The heartwarming response to help Gilliard after she was unable to work following the 'Midnight Rider' train accident has already reached its fundraising goal 38 days before the deadline.

Thanks to the generosity of 69 supporters the injured hairstylist will have some funding to help her through the recovery period as she is currently unable to work. Gilliard was one of several crew members injured after a freight train hit the production team in Georgia. She "suffered a compound fracture in her arm" according to the campaign, along with other unspecified injuries.

The traumatic event was felt around the world as the film industry weighed in on how the tragedy could have been avoided.

27-year-old camera assistant sarah Jones was killed in the accident which was widely seen as avoidable. Later in March, the Oscars paid a tribute to her following a successful campaign by the film industry backed by the Slates for Sarah movement.

A new website has also been set up since her death asking film crews to make a pledge for on-set safety.

With the 'Midnight Rider' shoot set to film in Los Angeles this June, there has been growing support for a boycott while actor William Hurt announced that he was leaving the production.

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