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Indie Horror Director Releases Third Novel

E. Stuart Marlowe has just published his third novel, a dark comedy called Splatter. The book is loosely based on Marlowe’s experiences directing his first two features: "Blood Rush" and "Horror House."

Splatter horror film director Jonathon Gale is desperate for a hit. But his production seems plagued by problems, innocuous at first. Then one of his actresses is shot dead by her boyfriend, and Jonathon is forced to accept that he’s facing not only a series of unrelated mishaps, but in fact, a full-blown curse.

The violence escalates: demonic possession, blood-thirsty zombies, creatures from another world. Someone wants this film to stop. 
When the skittish financial backers begin to pull out, Jonathon considers dropping the project, cutting his losses, though doing so would surely lead to his shameful exile from the film world.

And so he resolves to press on despite the chaos, even if it risks death making his film while searching for the one who has cast the sinister curse.

Director/Author - Evan Marlowe © HellBent Pictures LLC

Marlowe’s first novel, Menagerie, quickly became an Amazon bestseller, and this was soon followed by Call of the Kaiju. He then took a couple of years off to write and direct his current feature, "Abruptio," which stars such greats as James Marsters, Sid Haig, Jordan Peele and Robert Englund.

Splatter is available on Amazon in paperback and for kindle.

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