Indiana Jones 5 set to be in the works according to Shia Labeouf

Yet another rumour started from Shia Labeouf himself, it looks like George Lucas and Steven Spielberg haven't entirely given up on the franchise.

In fact, even though the last movie was slated by some fans, and mores by critics, there appears to be a motion towards making Indiana Jones 5 happen, even though that's not necessarily a good thing.

Harrison Ford, is after all, catching on, and we can't be destined to watch the same people on screen for eternity. However, there is still a cult following of the Indiana Jones Franchise that can't be ignored, and when there is a market to satisfy, film production is a good excuse to feed it.

After all, if you are George Lucas or Steven Spielberg, why would you not want to continue making movies you love to shoot? Regardless of what we think about, audiences can choose whether not to go and see it.

Expect to see 'Pirates Of The Caribbean 5' soon, and wait, how did we forget 'The Hangover 3' is on its way too?

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