How This Independent Publishing House Is Becoming an Industry Leader

Daniel Haim, Photo Steve Zak

NEW YORK, USA - From humble beginnings to international recognition, this independent publisher and media network has become one you can't ignore.

With millions of monthly visitors, their super-power blogs are rivaling a CNN prime-time audience with regular opinion stories, interviews, and art industry news. How does an independent publisher match up to the big broadcasters without a multi-million-pound budget or a government backing it? Moreover, are entertainment blogs and indie news sites becoming more important than the mainstream outlets we are used to reading our news from? Many online news outlets have also begun to charge visitors for accessing content, but are readers prepared to pay in the long term?

Film Industry Network brings you this exclusive interview with Founder Daniel Haim for an in depth view at how Bloginity Networks became a success story.

How did you conceptualize the network and can you give us an insight as to how it became a reality? What helped you get a huge online viewership of millions of visitors a month?

Daniel: I spend a lot of time optimizing our code, developing new partnerships, understanding relationships between editors and readers, attending conferences. Eventually, I try to bring that knowledge back to our team and cultivate new ways of working together.

Having worked with respectable publishers, I don't think I understood what substantial traffic spikes were. I recall one of our first published articles garnered just under 75,000 unique visitors in a day's traffic. When we analyzed this data, I didn't understand that this was a significant number; I assumed that there were many more users to reach.

This is mostly due to unique technology partnerships such as NetDNA, and Gabfire. We can enhance our user experience. But at the end of the day, it is mostly about finding talented editors eager to cover the industry with their dialogue.

Having expanded the network to Japan and Germany, do you envisage your news content being available in other languages?

Daniel: These are two unique markets that I am mostly interested to learn from.

What would you say are the keys to your success in creating and delivering your online vision?

Daniel: Having a good team that is eager to learn and gets excited about data analysis.

Are there any industry figures and organizations that have inspired you or guided you in your creative work?

Daniel: It's an elephant industry, you know. But for me, Penguin Random House, The New York Times Book Review, Condé Nast.

Can you give us an insight into the news content you have available on the site?

Daniel: It's a state of flux, we try many different approaches. Opinion is one we are currently exploring.

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