If you saw 'Sharknado' would you see the sequel?

'Sharknado' has become such a cult hit since it emerged in the news this week, that even sites like CNN are going out of their way to highlight it.

After premiering this Thursday on cable channel Syfy with a massive 1.4 million strong audience, Twitter, Facebook, and all other kinds of 'books' have been debating the brilliance of what can only be described as a "One dimensional, comedic disaster movie that delivers exactly what it says on the tin".

Sometimes bad movies are just that good, and 'Sharknado' certainly provides the absurdity and escapism that audiences crave. We are often accustomed to hurricanes, and tornadoes depicted as disasters in movies but in this instance they have almost been given a 'character' of comedic menace. Coupled with the dangers of sharks..it's really over the top and just B-movie gold. With that said, have Syfy scored a victory for cable TV movies by pushing the boundaries of the absurd?

Moreover, will fans of the new movie care to see 'Sharknado 2'? Can we also hope to convince Samuel L Jackson to do the B movie version of it at the box office? That would certainly bring back some of the 'Snakes on A Plane' fans to theatres.

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