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Idris Elba isn't "suave" enough to play James Bond

According to author Anthony Horowitz who is writing the next James Bond novel, Idris Elba isn't "suave" enough.

In fact the author told the Daily Mail that he thinks Elba is simply too "street" to play Bond. Elba's casting preference came to light during the Sony Hack scandal that revealed how executives were in awe of his abilities and thought he'd make a good Bond.

Currently there is no replacement for Daniel Craig, but with 'Spectre' just over two months away, this may be the last outing for the actor who has been playing Bond since 2006. His predecessor, Pierce Brosnan, starred in 4 movies from 1995 to 2002.

Horrowitz praised Daniel Craig as an actor but was critical of his last outing in 'Skyfall'. He felt that the film made Bond appear "weak" and that it was his least favourite of the recent films.

On Twitter fans immediately defended Idris Elba and criticsed the author's thinking. Can Elba play Bond? He certainly looked the part in the SmartWater commercials.

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