Idris Elba becomes James Bond in Spectre trailer remix

Idris Elba has won more international support to become the next James Bond thanks to an updated edit of the "Spectre" trailer that removes Daniel Craig and takes on a whole new angle.

Vulture brought together Mike Schuster and Diane Bullock to re-edit the trailer replacing Craig with Elba, while including the soundtrack and footage from the new film to give it an authentic Bond experience. Footage of Elba playing Luther was interspliced with the narrative of "Spectre" including some serious brooding and perfectly timed grimaces to give it that edge.

Following criticism from the author penning the new James Bond novel that he was not suave enough, fans and other other actors came to Elba's defense and supported the idea that he could play the role. Having featured in many commercials wearing a tux and playing dark characters, Elba has been continually praised as the right candidate to take on the role. Whether the fandom can encourage the producers to cast him as Bond remains an unknown.

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