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'Hunger Games : Catching Fire' sets a new box office record

Hunger Games sequel wins box office gold

The sequel to the hugely successful Hunger Games has not only thrilled audiences this week, but it's outpaced its predecessor and set a new box office record.

Fans of 'The Hunger Games : Catching Fire' flocked to theaters across the US with box office takings reportedly over the $161 million mark, breaking the previous record set by the original movie.

After the spectacular World Premiere in London, fans of the franchise were keen to see their favorite stars back in action. When the film opened on Thursday it made close to $25 million from ticket sales.

However, studio estimates were higher for the opening which may surprise people, but due to the enormous marketing costs of films such as the Hunger Games franchise, a big box office opening signals the earning potential of the film over the course of its time at the cinemas.

This year's best box office opening is still 'Iron Man 3' which triumphed with a $174 million opening.

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Trailer : Hunger Games Catching Fire

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