Hugh Jackman keeps winning at the box office

Hugh Jackman continued his winning streak over the weekend as 'Real Steel' kept just ahead of the competition with a $16.3 million haul.

The number 1 movie for a second straight week which is based on robots that fight in a boxing ring seems to have captured audience's fascination with the 'future'. After witnessing movies like 'Avatar' and 'Iron Man' skyrocket at he box office, it would seem the fan bases of these big sci fi driven movies keep coming back for more. What's the secret Hollywood formula for success then? Robots, explosions, fights and ridiculous special effects. You have to satisfy the demand, after all.

Hugh Jackman's career on the other hand continues to climb and the X-Men turned leading man could become Hollywood's top earner if he keeps going like this. Paramount's newly released 'Footloose' is just behind 'Real Steel' with a $16.1 million opening but could open in 1st place as final Box Office receipts will be released on Monday.

What's next for Hugh Jackman? Check out the latest movies at the top of this weekend's box office.

Real Steal Trailer

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