Huge pressure on Oprah for season finale

NEW YORK, USA - Oprah Winfrey faces the most difficult challenge of her career: how to end it.

Well not quite, but the final edition of The Oprah Winfrey Show will have some high expectations from fans when it finishes in 2011. After 25 years, the superpower show host is shifting her energy into the all new OWN or Oprah Winfrey Network, which begins airing in January.

The show host has innovated television programming for years, and many are anticipating the big launch of the OWN cable channel, a pivotal moment in television history. The draw down of Oprah's own show will also be highly anticipated, but little is known of what the season finale will have

OWN, The new cable channel, will focus on self development, helping people improve their lives. Oprah admitted to herself that she has become obsessed with technology, and told Susan Casey, editor of The Oprah magazine, I feel much more connected to the world than I used to be. referring to her Ipad that she now can t live without. Oprah's magazine is also delving into digital publishing, and Ipad apps, with a first edition coming out on November 16th 2010.

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