How WordPress is changing the online publishing industry

PARIS, France - You will notice every day that magazines are appearing from all directions from a new film blog, a new music e-zine to a celebrity culture magazine. What they all have in common is that they are powered by WordPress.

Indeed wordpress is changing the way people make online community style websites as CMS provides the prospect of managing ones own website and users. The added bonus is that you can have additional administrators with special privileges including contributors, authors, editors and much more who can write articles. So how does this affect the industry and why is it so relevant?

WordPress is continuously being updated by thousands of developers around the world 24/7. This makes it the most advanced and relevant platform for websites, and is becoming a standard for online blogs, journals and even major press outlets such as the Wall Street Journal.

This accessible technology will pave the way for independent and mainstream online magazines to come out with modest start up costs. However, as the market becomes saturated with free online content, it will become clear that media agencies charging viewers to read articles will lose out. New online magazines will also have to consider their social media strategies to reach readers as the market becomes increasingly competitive and people who previously bought newspapers will want to read high quality articles.

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