How to use your digital camera to bring in the cash


5 ways to make money with a digital camera (stills)

-             Sell pictures of events (celebrity/ political)

Are you there in the moment? Did Tom Cruise come into your store and ninja kick the sofa? Did Obama hold up a chicken?

Celebrity and political events are great places to get exclusive pictures. Magazines/newspapers want these for their headliners.

There are agencies that sell your pictures if they have a value :

-             Merchandising

Did you take pictures of a hot model, or have a fantastic collection of digital art? Try selling a calendar to your friends. Posters, mugs, journals and magazines can be custom made with online stores.

Custom make your merchandise :

-             Portfolio services

Are you in a town/city that has modeling agencies and actors? Sell your services by providing custom shoots. Find studios and cut a deal to provide your clients with great pics at good prices.

-             Photo-journalist

Although hard to find, there are still photo-journalist jobs where you will take pictures for broadcast news.

-             Online picture archives

You can sell high quality stock pictures of all kinds (people/landscapes) and earn royalties on digital sales (Please note you need a fairly large stockpile of pics to earn a decent income)

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