How to prepare your own awesome Oscars party


The Oscars are a night where movie buffs and Hollywood fans can celebrate the year's best films, judge celebrity red carpet apparel and catch some funny, live-footage blunders. Bring your friends together for the big event and create your own show-stopping, award-winning party. Set the mood and enliven the evening with festive and fun decor, food, drinks and games. Here are some tips on how you can host the best Oscar party that your friends will never forget.


Have your guests arrive in style on a red carpet. You can purchase a glamorous red carpet runner on a party supply site or Amazon. Keep the room decor chic and sophisticated with a color scheme of black, white, red, yellow gold and rose gold. Decorate the room with glittery stars and metallic fringe bunting, which will make the room feel bright and festive. Enhance the overall ambiance of the space with some candle tapers and elegant floral arrangements. Create a marquee letter “Oscar” sign that will light up the room and lend it extra flare. For your drinkware, purchase some gold paper cups and adorn them with a silhouette of the Oscar statue. Liven up your serving platters and use “Admit One” ticket reels as chargers.


Whip up some sweet treats, decadent in both their design and taste. Everyday Dishes has a recipe for chocolate mousse cups, which use chocolate Tuxedo-style cups by Kane Candy. These cute tuxedo cups will gain just as much attention as their tuxedo-clad celebrity counterparts. Make an edible film-reel topper for any flavor cupcake with some black licorice wheels and edible gold spray paint. Simply paint the wheels gold, let them dry for a few hours, then place on top of the cupcake. They are an abstract and fun representation of an iconic movie relic. As an alternative, Bakerella has an excellent recipe for stand-up statue cookies that will wow your guests.


Your refreshments should be of the highest caliber and quality for your star-studded event. Make sure you have an assortment of drinks that suit your guests’ individual tastes. Champagne or Prosecco are ideal wines for the party, as they are bubbly, classy and fun. These sparkling wine varieties are ideal for party situations, as they won’t cause any stains if accidentally spilled. Surprise the beer lovers of your group with an new brew. Guinness Nitro IPA has a smooth, velvety taste and pairs well with a variety of foods.


Keep your guests excited with some interactive games. Oscar bingo is a classic game where you can design your boards for a specific aspect of the awards show. Customize your bingo board for the red carpet fashion, the acceptance speech, or what you assume the host may say. There is a blank bingo template on Second City Soiree that you can print out. You can also print out an Oscar ballot and have guests mark their predictions prior to the show. Provide prizes for those who win any of the games you’ve set up. Create little swag bags for the winners, which can include mini bottles of spirits, a gift card for the local cinema and any other fun trinkets.

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