How to make a short film : Promotion (part 8)

Once you have your short film in your hand, its time to tell the world about it with a promotion strategy!

If you have budgeted some cash for this, then you are in good hands. The internet has made film marketing cheap through social networks and forums, but before you do that, you need a nice cover. A sexy front cover does wonders for your image. Get some professional DVDs made to send to the bigger festivals and a nice front cover image for your social groups.

A press kit is also necessary if you want to be really professional. Any on set pictures you have should be in here, along with your synopsis and any other promotional materials.

Get a review! If you have a friend in a magazine or online journal, get their view on it. Reviews make it more likely for a festival to take a closer look at your film. Don t forget, you are competing with thousands of other shorts!

Finally, send it off to festivals. Don t be discouraged, it can often be a 1 in 5 or 1 in 10 succession rate. You will get a screening, but to ensure your chances are high, be professional! Your presentation means everything.

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