How to get into acting with no experience

You might be wondering, “How can I get into acting?” and you’re not exactly sure where to start. There are several steps you can take to become an actor but before you make a big decision on going to an an acting school, you might want to consider the following:

If you’re thinking about doing acting as a career but aren’t sure yet if it’s really for you, what you can do is take online acting classes that can give you acting tips, and an introduction to some of the aspects of being an actor before making that big jump to a degree or diploma course.

MasterClass is one of the leading institutions for online acting and following its successful launch last year it managed to recruit actor Dustin Hoffman to share his experiences with upcoming actors. It costs just $90 for the full course and you can get acting advice from the Hollywood actor who explains techniques, methods and even the audition process in his course.

It’s an ideal course for people looking to explore acting without having to make a huge upfront investment, and there is also the benefit of getting to connect with other actors online through the program in the MasterClass community.

This year Kevin Spacey is going to launch his own course on the platform as well and the class has been on pre-sale which you can reserve for the same price of $90.

The benefit of online classes is there is no pressure to perform in front of people, especially if you’re still new to the craft and just want to experiment and get a feel for it. If you’re a little more experienced, there are some more advanced modules within the MasterClass courses and you can practice your own scenes following the exercises they provide.

From our perspective, successful actors need to feel confident about themselves and learn how to build character before they can make an impact in the film industry. If you need more acting advice you can take a look at our interview section and see how other successful actors have made their mark.