How can I make money from short films?


Yes absolutely. The explosion of short films on the web has proven over the past few years the enourmous demand in the format. There are several ways to monetize a short film. This doesn’t guarantee you will make a lot of money instantly, but here are some of the avenues for revenue building:

Short film revenue streams

1: Youtube – Sign up to the Youtube partners programme and put your viral short film online. Youtube creators have earned millions over the past several years just from ads.
2: TV: The traditional route to distribution is to get your film aired on channels. Usually they are bought for a particular programme and you receive payment per screening depending on the channel.
3: Product placement – With a strong fanbase you can negotiate with local businesses to put products in your video. This works particularly for mainsteam and indie music videos in the US.
4: Services – Using a short video you can describe your service offering. The power of the web can bring you clients and revenues because of what you offer through your short film ‘infomercials’.
5: Promotion – Creating promos for companies or services that other people provide is another way to make money from short films.

Making money from short films

Check out our interview with US Producer Andrew Corkin about making money from short form content.

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