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NEW YORK, USA - From humble beginnings to international recognition, Bloginity Networks has become a celebrity news site you can't ignore.

With millions of monthly visitors, Bloginity Networks is a super-power blog rivaling a CNN prime-time audience with regular stories on the latest celebrity and fashion topics. How does an independent entertainment news site match up to the big broadcasters without a multi-million pound budget or a government backing it? Moreover, are entertainment blogs, and indie news sites becoming more important than the mainstream outlets we are used to reading our news from? Many online news outlets have also begun to charge visitors for accessing content, but are readers prepared to pay in the long term?

Film Industry Network brings you this exclusive interview with Founder Daniel Haim for an in depth view at how Bloginity Networks became a success story.

How did you conceptualize the Bloginity Network and can you give us an insight as to how it became a reality? What helped you get a huge online viewership of millions of visitors a month?

Daniel: We already know that a lot of our visitors arrive from search engines such as Google News, Bing News and Yahoo News and by being referred through social media (Facebook, Digg, Twitter) but what happens when they arrive to our site is a whole different story. I would like to think that it is the quality of the content that keeps our readers coming back, and it's also being an SEO Oracle, which is how I bring traffic to the site.

I've spent countless days optimizing the network, developing partnerships and understanding relationships with individuals and attending conferences to bring that knowledge to Bloginity Networks. I've also done free work, such as optimizing websites for other people, just to have a link back to our site.

I got into SEO when I was working in England. I remember the day I was flying there - I was on a six-hour flight coming from New York I carried with me an e-book I planned to finish by the time I arrived. It felt like I found the secret of life. I was so ambitious to drive traffic to my site, I had to really understand how and not just follow a ABC guide.

I remember in the early days of Bloginity we wrote about inside information - a music industry story that ended up leading us something about 75,000 unique visitors that day. I didn't really understand what 75,000 unique users meant at the time; I thought to myself (and still do) it's the internet, there are billions on it and 75,000 is nothing but a start.

Through our partnerships with NetDNA and Gabfire we were able to do wonders. Hosting our site statically with NetDNA not only enhanced our work experience, but also enhanced the experience for the end user who is browsing our site daily. I am very glad to say that our page views increased instantly after joining the CDN network, and that is probably because of the instant webpage loading.

Today I worry about other things; like finding talented, ambitious writers to cover stories that they are very eager to write about. I believe in the importance of dialogue and of sharing views. I believe that everyone has the right of self-expression; that we all have freedom of thought and deserve to be heard. So lots of bespoke articles.

Finding people to join our team is a hard thing to do. I truly stand by the sayings, Hire hungry employees, Fire bad employees, and hire employees slowly. When I was first introduced to Benjamin Tse (our current Chief Branding Officer), we clicked right away and spent hours into the night discussing HTML, and CSS, and all type of other nerdy things. Within days Benjamin helped us put together a new image for our company that today is known as Bloginity.

Having expanded Bloginity to Japan and Germany, do you envisage your news content being available in other languages?

Daniel: The truth? Not really. Japan being such a small area of the big world has intense competition, and they share a true passion for celebrity gossip. The competition is hard, especially when you have to count on someone else writing the articles and doing the SEO for you. Since I cannot read Japanese (yet), I do not really know what goes on there, but I get monthly reports with breaking goals every time so we are pleased.

Having Bloginity in Germany is a good feeling, I wont deny it. It is breaking into the entertainment biz in Europe. Someone told me they call celebrity news "boulevard news" and when I heard that term, I sort of had that feeling, and knew Germany should be a big opportunity.

The German site is an add-on to our network - it's assuring that our news will be talked about, that we are out there and that our news will reach people and that Bloginity will be the source.

There are a few more countries which we've been targeting. A few on the horizon are Spain and possibly France, but they require additional care that our resources could not handle right now. One day though. We are in absolutely no rush.

What would you say are the keys to your success in creating and delivering your online vision?

Daniel: Never give up. Have a good team and aim very big, only then hold on to your hats and enjoy the ride!

Are there any industry figures and organizations that have inspired you or guided you in your creative work?

Daniel: Nothing so far. We pretty much created what was missing from the world. We did originally go after a few designs but we decided not to copy anyone else and be original, and that turned out to be a huge success.

As I said, we do aim big and we consider our competitors to be NYMag's The Cut, some other sites too, but nothing really looks like an online magazine from the blogs and I personally hate being compared to crappy sites like TMZ or E! Online yes they've got good content but they are literally just a blog.

Can you give us an insight into the news content you have available on the site, and do you have any inside industry scoop we should know about?

Daniel: The news content is in a constant state of flux, to be honest. While many sites follow a traditional 9 to 5 schedule, Bloginity operates at all hours, which allows us to pump out 25 daily updates. Generally speaking, we will always cover celebrity news, provide exclusive interviews and reviews and offer insight sometimes humorous, sometimes analytical, and oftentimes, both -  on current and future trends and news across the entertainment world. Creating cutting-edge content is hard work, but it is rewarding and enjoyable.

As for industry scoop we re lucky enough to have forged a large number of relationships across the entertainment industry, so we have many reliable sources for what s happening and what s about to. The best way to get the scoop is to visit Bloginity (sorry, I had to). But if I could give you one bit of insight, it would be this: you would be surprised just how many occurrences involving celebrities are orchestrated, no matter how accidental they seem.

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