Panasonic 50 inch

Panasonic Plasma 50" Review

The Panasonic Viera 50" Plasma TC-P50ST50 is a fully packaged home cinema with impressive visuals for those of you on a moderate budget. With features including internet connectivity, SD, USB ports and multiple HDMI inputs, Panasonic's big home Plasma TV has a lot to offer. At a massive 50 inches, you get the sense of being at the cinema in your own home, and it comes with the value of Plasma quality at incredible refresh rates of 600HZ.

What I like about it

I wanted to share this with you guys since I bought myself one of these a few months back. I wanted to make special short film and documentary nights at my place, but I need something bigger, and more impressive than my old school 24" LG LCD.

What I was looking for was a TV that could display blacks better than the expensive LED TVs which have very bright backlights. I also wanted connections so I could hook up my macbook pro with it and show streaming content through youtube. I researched what was the best TV in this area, and found that the Panasonic 50" Plasma had the best image quality, and was so much cheaper than the LED competitors (at least $500 cheaper).

This TV has become a media centre for my home, allowing me to watch DVDs, HD content, hook up all my rushes that I shot on the Canon 7D, watch HD TV and surf the web. I really recommend it for its price, and its image quality. It's the best purchase I've made in years and it does so much more in my view than it's more expensive LED competitors.

Tech Specs

  • Full 1080P
  • Smart TV - Internet
  • Wifi Built in
  • 600HZ
  • 2 million to 1 contrast