Is Hollywood too white for African American audiences?

Earlier this month George Lucas revealed the shocking truth about how it took him 23 years to get his movie 'Red Tails' made because no one would fund an "all Black cast". While the debate has reached every film magazine, journal, and all those working in the industry, it leaves the question : "Is Hollywood too white?"

It is true that a minority of successful actors in the business are African Americans, and Hollywood movies are dominated by white protagonists. Is there a lack of diversity at the cinema, or is it a fact that the African American cinema going audience is just not bringing enough returns for producers? What about Denzel Washington, Halle Berry, Eddie Murphy or Will Smith? These are some of the most inspiring people in the business and they surely have a huge fan base, not just African Americans. So why should there not be an audience for 'Red Tails'?

The story behind the making of 'Red Tails' seems to be more relevant to people today than the movie itself, set in WW2. While Lucas' epic highlights these courageous airmen who were part of the American war machine back in the day, will we ever see a blockbuster of this type again with a leading Black cast? Is Lucas really the first, and last producer to make this happen? I hope not. Hollywood for me would not be the same without African American actors.

Red Tails Trailer

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