Hollywood stars to boycott Piers Morgan Tonight on CNN?

Piers Morgan is already facing criticism from Harrison Ford who has refused to be part of his new Tonight CNN show.

Ford, one of Hollywood's most respected actors had no room for Piers when he told reporters:

He's promoting his show largely by professing to be looking for the truth from his subjects. So I shall have nothing to do with him. He went further to add, I'm not interested in the truth, I m interested in selling product. You want the truth? Go someplace else. Not my business.

While the Indiana Jones star has never been a fan of revealing his private life, Morgan's style of getting personal doesn't fit with the actor's values. However, there could be added reason why the British host is getting a cold feeling from the entertainment industry.

Piers Morgan Madonna Boycott

The highly publicize beef between Piers and Madonna has been a bigger story than the CNN network premiere of his show. While some may agree With Piers a majority who don't know the true reasons will see his Madonna bashing as a negative campaign.

CNN's primetime show s ratings slid in the last years of Larry King Live, but Morgan might just be the controversial show host they need to revive their flagship programming. Will Piers win hearts and minds with his celebrity interviews, or draw a boycott movement against him?

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