Hollywood figures praise Trump’s election despite online backlash


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Donald Trump’s election victory was met with praise by several Hollywood figures despite a large opposition to his candidacy in the entertainment industry.

James Woods, Clint Eastwood and Jenna Jameson were among the high profile supporters of Trump’s victory over “the establishment” of Washington.

Trump was also backed by Hulk Hogan who recently won a landmark legal case against Gawker Media, which led to the publication filing for chapter 11 bankruptcy.

While a majority of Hollywood and the wider entertainment industry supported a Clinton presidency, those that opposed it were given little attention in the media prior to November 8. Since Trump’s election however, there has been a growing backlash with entertainers making their points of view heard on social media, drawing praise and criticism.

While we are still unclear what a Trump presidency means for the entertainment business we do believe that one of his key interventions will be to stop the AT&T merger with Time Warner.

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