British BAFTA news

Hollywood in awe with British Duke and Duchess

Last night’s special BAFTA event highlighting British talent and hosted by Prince William and Princess Kate was a huge success.

The special ceremony, the first of its kind, brought together Hollywood’s biggest names and Britain’s finest talent. News of BAFTA’s exquisite red carpet event and dinner has been widely publicized since last night and has brought a British touch to Hollywood’s already glamorous industry.

Actors such as Tom Hanks and Nicole Kidman were among the guests including recognized British journalists Cat Deeley and CNN’s Piers Morgan. From young filmmakers to established producers and studio executives, the mixture of Royalty and film was the perfect backdrop to promote Britain abroad. Fashion was also a big topic at BAFTA’s event, as the Royal Couple’s choices for clothing is analyzed on a daily basis.

Will this event pave the way for more?

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