Historic day for bloggers : Getty Images is free!

Getty Images have unleashed their entire digital library of images to bloggers for the first time which will fundamentally change the game for writers in the entertainment industry.

With the widespread copying of Getty Images taking place on social media and niche blogs it was inevitable that the service would look for a way to make peace with the way photography is being shared.

We've decided to give the Getty Images library a go, embedding some recent Oscar images here for you to see. All you need to do is head on over to the Getty Images website, search for an image you want, and find and click the embed code on the bottom of your selected image.

As the service has just been launched we hope that it will be expanded to allow custom embed sizes, which are currently not available.

What this means for bloggers is that they will have to manually adjust the embed code in their back-end for the image to fit the dimensions of the page correctly.

Getty Images are of the highest quality and provide editors in the blogosphere with a new, legitimate way to use images without infringing copyright while providing the image service a credit.

As you can see from the embeds we have made here, the images are clean, professional and look great in a blog. They can also be used on social media as well.

What do you think of this decision? Should they have made the images free? Photographers may question the decision to make images embeddable, as bloggers and news outlets may opt-in to have the images embedded rather than licensed.

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