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Hey Donald Trump why don't you give the $5 million right now?

Donald Trump today released a video asking President Obama to give his passport and college records in exchange for a $5 million check to his preferred charity.

Trump has promised in the video to deliver the money to any charity the President chooses within the hour if he makes those records available before the 31st October at 5pm.

I have to say that this request represents the lowest form of blackmail and falsely holds the President 'hostage' to a $5 million ransom that should be paid regardless.

Why would anyone demand the President of the United States to give something so silly that's already in the public domain, in exchange for a $5 million donation?

Surely Trump, or anyone else for that matter could simply write the check immediately and give it to those charities that need these donations. It would be a far better news story to see someone with a lot of influence and money giving people that big contribution with open arms. But no, instead, Trump has made this a political issue, and holds those charities and the President hostage.

So what happens when the President refuses to do so, and the charities don't get their money? Should the President be blamed? No. You should, for not having made that donation within the hour of making that video public.

(video missing)

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