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Hewes Pictures ‘Falls’ out of EFM with new titles - Exclusive


© Hewes Pictures

New York City-based Hewes Pictures snagged a festival favorite genre feature during EFM while also introducing its new slate to the European market.

"One Must Fall," the festival circuit sensation horror film starring a stellar ensemble that includes Lloyd Kaufman from Troma Entertainment, marks an exciting debut feature for Antonio Pantoja, who enjoyed premieres at over 125 film festivals worldwide, picking up handfuls of awards along the way. Set in the 80s, the horror-comedy tells the story of a woman wrongfully fired from her office job and forced to take on a temporary gig on a crime scene cleanup crew with a maniacal serial killer on the loose leaving them lots of work. "One Must Fall," which Screen Fervor calls “an entertaining bloodbath,” was released in North America by Gravitas Ventures towards the end of 2018. Hewes acquired foreign rights during the market. The deal was negotiated by acquisitions executive Josh Guttman, under the supervision of Hewes’ head of sales and acquisitions Princeton Holt.


© London New Wave

Hewes also acquired the foreign rights to London auteur Marcus Flemmings’ new award-winning feature "Palindrome," which is a mixture of thriller and dramedy. Set against the backdrop of Brexit, "Palindrome" tells the story of a young black man as he struggles to find freedom in modern Britain. Interwoven with this is a LGBTQ+ tale of a love triangle between three matriarchal characters. Guttman also negotiated the deal on behalf of the sales outfit.

Hewes introduced to EFM the documentary "Funny Pains," which has just completed post production. Featuring stand-up comedians with specials on Netflix and Comedy Central including Nikki Glaser, Jim Norton, Andrew Schulz, Bonnie McFarlane, Yamaneika Saunders, and Rich Vos, the film examines the life and times of the hilarious and courageous stand-up comedian Wendi Starling, during the height of the #MeToo movement, feminism, and the increasingly politically-correct social climate. This marks the debut from Jorgy Cruz, who directed and produced. Comedian Krystyna Hutchinson (Guys We F***ed podcast) serves as one of the film’s executive producers.

Hewes also introduced Paul Osborne’s latest thriller "Cruel Hearts," starring Melora Hardin (The Bold Type, Transparent) and Eddie Jemison (Oceans 11-13). The second narrative feature directed by Osborne tells the story of a man who unknowingly is sleeping with the wife of a notorious crime boss. The film was released in the US in February by Gravitas Ventures.

The label’s sales team also launched discussions with buyers for "Ghabe," the multi-award-winning, Swedish immigration thriller from Markus Castro about a refugee with a haunting past who falls in love with the grand Swedish forest and the mysterious Moa during the summer of 2015.


© Hewes Pictures

Additionally, the team is handling worldwide sales for the revenge thriller from Lyndsay Sarah and Karl Jenner. Shot in Australia, "Guilt" is about a vigilante who targets child abusers.

Hewes’ sales staff also introduced the award-winning LGBTQ documentary "Jack & Yaya," which recently won the audience award qFLIX Worcester, and is heading to London’s BFI Flare LGBTQ+ festival. The film tells the heartwarming story of two childhood friends, one who identified as a boy, the other as a girl, as they both transitioned together, supported each other through the process, and still remain close friends till this day.

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