Hewes Pictures acquires TV miniseries “The Tooth Hurts”

© Hewes Pictures

As reported earlier this week by Variety, New York based sales and distribution company Hewes Pictures has made the transition into TV with its first miniseries, having secured the rights to 3 seasons of “The Tooth Hurts,” a reality show produced entirely in Mississippi. The show depicts the chaotic brilliance of Dr. Lake Garner of Garner & Nichols Dental based in Hattiesburg and follows the loving antics of the Garners’ beautiful family as well as the humor and hard work of his massive team.

Dr. Garner is married to his best friend Michelle. Lake and Michelle obtained celebrity status from their time on Season 9 of “The Amazing Race.” The risk and hustle of Dr Garner, having practiced dentistry for over 20 years, has rewarded him success in the business world as an entrepreneur and real estate investor who owns 18 dentist clinics spanning the state of Mississippi.

The series deal was negotiated by Hewes’ Sales & Acquisitions boss Princeton Holt along with Acquisition Executive Laura Leamus. Producer Jesus Sifuentes & Garner Dental Group CMO Sharley Hamm negotiated on behalf of the miniseries. All post-production sound design is being engineered by Franc Village Studios based in Clinton, Massachusetts.

Dr. Garner offered, “One of my sayings is if you aren’t happy where you’re at, you’re not going to be happy where you are going. I hope the show inspires others to find joy in everyday life, all while striving towards a bigger and better tomorrow.” Hamm adds “It has been an honor to see all of our hard work and Dr. Garner’s dreams come alive through this process. He is unapologetically himself, and that is what makes the show so captivating. I’m completely grateful for the team at Hewes guiding us along and cannot wait for the world to see just what happens when The Tooth Hurts.”

“I badly wanted this show,” Holt said. “Shortly before Jesus & Sharley reached out to me my 6 year old told me he wanted to be a dentist. Dr. Garner is a great example of happens when you dream big.”


Leading up to MipCom in October and AFM this November in Santa Monica, Hewes Pictures will open sales to networks and streaming platforms worldwide.

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