Help I don't have an IMDB listing!

IMDB Listing

IMDB Listings and what you need to know

Every major movie release is listed on IMDB, but for indie filmmakers it’s not often easy to get an IMDB listing. You need to have at least a film festival showing, TV or VOD distribution, and sometimes even an additional external review to get the ok.

I want to highlight some of the concerns voiced through Film Industry Network groups regarding film listings on IMDB. Well fear not my friends, because not having your short film, indie movie listed on IMDB is not a disaster. You may be worried about a recent rejection or not being able to put your film online, but it’s not the end of the world, especially in 2012.

Let me put it in this perspective : People won’t look for your movie if they don’t know it exists. IMDB will not help you market your film, but it will give you a listing that clearly states all the cast and crew elements, galleries and even trailers. This has a good value if you want to give that information to distributors, the press and so on. It also proves that your film has had some form of legitimate distribution. However successful filmmakers don’t get their careers made through an IMDB listing of their cast and crew (in my opinion). There are pros of having your film listed don't get me wrong, but it should not be your primary concern.

Things to do before getting an IMDB listing

Before you think about an IMDB listing focus on:

  • Get your film sent out to reputable festivals.
  • Make your own website
  • Set up a fan blog
  • Create a fan page
  • Upload your trailer online

Try to get this before you look for listings, and once you are up and running, reach out to bloggers or magazines for a review. This will give you a big benefit. There’s nothing better than having an authority endorse your film. Try to make it happen and good luck!

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