Has Justine Landed yet? PR exec faces global condemnation

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Sacco ignites the web with fury

PR executive Justine Sacco faces an international backlash after she tweeted some very inappropriate comments ahead of her trip to Africa.

The outspoken PR exec, who's gone under the radar, wrote on her Twitter :

“Going to Africa. Hope I don’t get AIDS. Just kidding. I’m white!”

Working as the head of PR for IAC (InterActiveCorp), Sacco's influence landed her in trouble as soon as she made the tweet, with publications instantly made aware of her views.

So far, 129 blogs and media outlets have commented on her comments from ABC to the LA Times and Variety Magazine.

Subsequently, IAC have strongly condemned her viewpoint and removed Sacco's info from their corporate website. Her Twitter profile has also been removed however that hasn't stopped a surge in interest.

As of yesterday, she was the highest trending discussion in the entertainment industry, and there's little room for an apology.

It would seem that IAC have a very difficult decision to make regarding her employment, but with such a backlash, how can she possibly stay? We'll find out soon enough.


Multiple reports have confirmed that Justine Sacco has been fired from IAC for her racist tweet effective immediatel.

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