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Halle Berry might just make awards season history again

Halle Berry's Razzie nominations

Halle Berry was the first African-American actress to win an Oscar, but this year, she might make history one more time.

Back in 2005, Halle Berry made the brave decision to attend the Razzie Awards to accept her prize for 'Worst Actress' in 'Catwoman'. Berry took the honor to heart and made a special guest appearance at the ceremony where she admitted how bad she was. Not only did she criticize herself, but she bashed her producers, writers, and the director for making such a "POS, God-awful movie".

The crowd loved it, and the video became something of a cult hit for award acceptance speeches. It was a bold move, but it paid off, and there's only been praise for it since.

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Fast forward to 2014 and Berry's done it again. This year, the actress is nominated twice in the 'Worst Actress' category for her roles in 'Movie 43' and 'The Call'. When the final votes are cast tomorrow, Berry might just end up on the official list. Does this mean she will actually turn up at the Razzies, again?

Here's a look at her 'infamous' acceptance speech back in 2005.

Halle Berry accepts a Razzie

(warning, contains strong language)

Did she do such a bad job this time round? 'Catwoman' was certainly a film that divided audiences when it came out. Here are the two trailers for her most recent work:

Movie 43

The Call

Other actresses in the same category include Jennifer Lopez, Selena Gomez, Michelle Pfeiffer and Lindsay Lohan. We will have wait until January 15th to see who makes the final list.

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