Gun laws have to be changed or thousands more will die

Batman shootings raise questions about Gun Crime

How many more people have to die before laws are tightened on gun possession? This epidemic continues to spiral out of control.

Today's Batman Premiere massacre is just one of many horrendous and unfortunate incidents to grip America. So many young people have been killed, so many innocent victims have died needlessly. It's so easy to get a gun in America, it's practically a birthright. But, when you have such lax controls over possession it's inevitable that people who are in unstable situations become a threat to everyone else. This is a small minority of people, but with over 40% of Americans owning a weapon, is it not time to do something about it?

The right to bear arms has led to the deaths of thousands across the nation each year. The very idea of the right to self-protection is extremely important but at what cost should people pay? In stark contrast, Europe has the tightest gun laws meaning that it is very difficult, if not impossible to buy or acquire a gun. It is very rare for gun crime to be repeated on a daily basis and it's not a leading cause of death in homicides.

It's a fact that European culture is different, but when you look at the stark difference, should Americans not ask "Why should we make it easy for people to possess guns who are a threat to everyone else?"

Without a fundamental change in attitude towards gun crime in America, expect to see more massacres and fatal shootouts in all walks of life. It's a very dark analogy, but it's a cold fact. The laws in my view should be changed to protect people but also give them a right to self-defense without the use of guns. It's time to make this change or thousands more will die.

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