Going viral : Grumpy Cat's Die Hard mashup trailer

John McClane has to save Holly from a group of Grumpy cat terrorists in this hilarious mashup trailer that ruins any chance of children feeling safe from their pets. (video below)

In fact, the mashup goes way beyond the original Grumpy Cats trailer we've all be forced to watch.

Featuring scenes from Die Hard edited together with cats holding machine guns, and dubbed with voice overs from actors in the original movie, you can't get a better adrenaline release.

Grumpy Cat sidekick en-route to the Nakatomi Plaza in a helicopter

What makes this trailer even more hilarious is how the editors have managed to superimpose props and other items on top of the cats to give them hardened criminal egos, and not forgetting the brilliant supporting movie trailer voice to go with it.

Check out Bruce Willis as he fights an army of cats to save hostages from the Nakatomi Plaza in LA:

(video missing)

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