Greg Plitt was killed while filming with a crew

It has been confirmed that Greg Plitt was with a film crew on the Metrolink tracks when he was killed by an oncoming train.

According to witnesses who have come forward, Plitt was physically on the tracks when the oncoming train was blaring its horn for him to get out the way.

Burbank Police told CBS that Plitt was being filmed by two individuals who were on the tracks themselves at the time of the incident.

It is believed that Plitt may have thought the train was on the parallel track when he was in the middle of the shoot, and so ignored the horn.

The tragic loss of one of America's best known fitness coaches and reality TV stars has shocked the industry, and the news that this was a filming accident only reminds us of the dangers people take without acquiring proper permissions to shoot in public places.

Greg Plitt - A fitness champ

It is not clear whether the videographers had permission to shoot on the tracks or whether they were working for Bravo or another production company.

According to USA Today, Plitt has previously filmed on railtracks, and a camcorder was seized as evidence.

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