Great websites for filmmakers

We have compiled a list for filmmakers of our favourite sites to help you in your careers. From networking to directing, you can find a good wealth of information from the following sites


- Free to download screenplays from major films to TV series.

- Un-produced and free scripts available to download

Resources for filmmakers

Everything you need to know about making films in the UK, including production catalogues and events.

The UK s main online database for working professionals.

Film Blogs

Get an insight into the life of a production assistant through this film industry blog.

A great blog that talks about movies, performances, awards and many more topics with an active fan base

Entertainment News

- This industry focused magazine covers film festivals, reviews and in depth analysis of film industries around the world.

- One of the most respected publication. Present at major film festivals with reviews, tech news, and entertainment stories.

- Britain s premiere movie magazine with great reviews and entertainment stories

More websites will be added soon!

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