Grammys to reduce categories amid criticism

The Grammys have launched a bold attempt to restructure their Award Ceremony after facing criticism that it was outdated and needed a re-think.

People watching the annual broadcast won t notice the changes as they only affect Awards handed out off-screen.

Over 30 categories are being slashed from 109 to 78 making it more competitive in each category. R&B categories have been slashed in half because of low submissions, including others like Latin, and Jazz music.

Does this mean that mainstream pop culture will dominate the Grammys instead of giving a more fair approach to genres across the industry? The dilemma is that Jazz is not a mainstream art, with pop and rap dominating charts. Everything has its niche, but the Grammys might find more criticism from the music industry as it shuts out smaller groups who need the exposure. Are you pleased about this latest revamp, or should they un-vamp it?

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