Grammy Awards artists like Jaden Smith famous for music & films

The 2011 Grammy Awards like every year promises spectacular performances, an over the top red carpet and celebrity appearances.

This year s selection includes the likes of Eminem, Rihanna, Drake, Justin Bieber, Adam Lambert and many more up for competing prizes. But what is more of a trend at every Grammy Award ceremony is that artists in the nominations category are also big players in the world of cinema.

The Grammy Awards is a music industry event, and the most important of the calendar year, so performances and attendees get huge attention. Stars like Jaden Smith and Justin Bieber have also crossed over into films. While the Award show will be focusing on music, a lot of the guests in attendance are making huge box office hits, and turning to music style documentaries.

Kanye West had his Runaway movie, but there is yet to be a selection for musical films at the 2011 Grammys while Jaden Smith made 'The Karate Kid' a huge success.

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