Will Gordon Brown Bring Down The Sunday Times?

Former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown is at the centre of a phone hacking scandal that now puts The Sunday Times in the line of fire after it was revealed that details of his personal life were stolen for print.

Rupert Murdoch faces an uphill struggle to turn the British public back on his side after shutting down the NOTW, but with further allegations leaked to the Guardian about Gordon Brown's family records being stolen, damage limitation seems to have failed.

In fact, if you look closely at what happened to the News Of The World this past week, the gauntlet of stories against News Corp is only adding to investor unease in the company.

If the scandal proves to be accurate, and that 'The Sunday Times' along with other potential papers engaged in what Gordon Brown describes as 'Criminal Activity', News Corp could face a damaging investigation in the US.

For Rupert Murdoch, these past few days have been the most significant challenge to News Corp in 20 years. Will Gordon Brown put the nail in the coffin and turn 'The Sunday Times' into Britain's most hated paper?

What you can analyse in these past few hours is the wide-ranging anger, already at boiling point for the British public at these privacy violations from the top down. It has the potential to have knock on effects for News Corp's other businesses, and if a thorough investigation is launched in the US, it could escalate the stakes for Rupert Murdoch.

How do you feel about this latest scandal surrounding Gordon Brown? What should be done about it?

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