Google + helps Britney Spears reach 6 million fans

Britney Spears goes sky high on Google +

Britney Spears has become the first person in the world to reach 6 million circles on Google+. The popstar has fought off stiff competition from her closest rival on the network, Lady Gaga, to reach the milestone first. Britney has been at the top since November 2011, since overtaking Google CEO Larry Page - she was first to 1 million circles a month later.

Despite her lead, Britney will have to keep Gaga at bay if she wants to keep her crown. Back in November 2012 when Britney first reached 5 million on Google+, Lady Gaga was almost half a million circles behind the ‘Toxic’ singer but she is now in 5.9 million circles (less than 100,000 behind Britney). With a weekly gain of around 73,000 new circles (compared with Britney’s 52,000).

While 6 million is the top end for Google+, it is relatively small compared to the other leading social networks. Rihanna is the most popular person on Facebook, with over 67.8 million fans, while Justin Bieber holds the top spot on Twitter with over 36.1 million followers.

Top 10 people on Google+ (Google+ circles)

1. Britney Spears (6,003,380)
2. Lady Gaga (5,919,566)
3. Larry Page (5,258,425)
4. Snoop Dogg (5,140,326)
5. David Beckham (4,785,750)
6. Trey Ratcliff (4,587,158)
7. Tom Anderson (4,586,340)
8. Thomas Hawk (4,560,312)
9. Usher (4,483,680)
10. Madonna (4,442,203)


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