Google to Buy Hulu?

Hulu is officially for sale, and a host of web companies are eyeing the online content provider including Google.

The online video service, which was founded in 2007 offers a wide range of high quality video content including movies, hit TV shows, and short videos. NBCUniversal, Walt Disney, News Corp and Provident Equity Partners all have a stake in the ownership of the company, along with the Hulu management team.

Hulu is an attractive company because of its diverse library of content, that can be monetized through an advertising based revenue system. Google is reportedly in talks to buy Hulu according to the LaTimes

"Hulu has begun meeting with potential buyers including Google, Microsoft Corp. and Yahoo Inc. to drum up interest in a sale, said these people, who requested anonymity because the discussions are confidential."

How will this shape the web if the world's largest internet company has a huge library of content from top Hollywood film studios? Hulu is currently valued between $2-3 billion.

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