Good news : Liberty Ross not about to quit Sanders yet

The love affair between director Rupert Sanders and Twilight actress Kristen Stewart continues to make the rounds in the media, but Liberty Ross, Sander's wife, is not about to quit him yet.

According to the latest reports, Sanders and Liberty Ross visited a marriage counselor together, and were photographed for the first time after being apart and no word from Ross on what her next course of action was going to be.

The scandal has caused enormous turmoil for both Sanders and Kristen Stewart, but now the focus will be on Robert Pattinson's next move.

Fans of Pattinson and Stewart are divided whether the two should get back together. The celebrity couple were one of the highest profile in the media this past year, but news of Kristen's cheating tore apart that special bond.

With Liberty Ross and Sanders making the effort to repair their marriage, can Stewart and Pattinson make amends? This week, Stewart cancelled her latest film role and is pulling out of a red carpet event next week.

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