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Golden Globes will remember Paris victims


Jennifer Aniston in 'Cake'

With the Golden Globes underway it has been confirmed that there will be an official tribute segment of the show dedicated to the Paris victims.

The Golden Globes is the first major award ceremony of the year but it has been overshadowed this week by the terrorist attacks in France, and the historic rally that took place today.

While the award ceremony is celebrated for its humor and light heartedness, the past few months have been difficult for the film industry particularly in the wake of the Sony Hack which caused a crisis and millions of dollars in losses for one of Hollywood's biggest studios.

According to the LA Times, a representative of the ceremony confirmed that the President of the HFPA:

"will incorporate into his remarks a tribute to the victims of the attacks and nod to their killers' assault on free speech; those remarks will come about 30 minutes into the show."

Harvey Weinstein has also penned a guest blog for Variety today and sent his condolences to those killed in the terror attacks this week. The Producer also mentioned how he would like to see some form of tribute and a toast to those that were killed:

"Tonight is the Golden Globes, and there’s always champagne on the table. I hope we can all raise glasses and that someone like Tina, Amy or George Clooney will urge us to toast with 300 million viewers around the world: “Je suis Charlie, je suis juif, je suis Ahmed.”

The nominees for this year's Golden Globes Awards include Jennifer Aniston, Steve Carell, Rosamund Pike and Bill Murray. Wes Anderson and David Fincher will go head-to-head in the 'Best Director' category while 'Selma' and 'Foxcatcher' will compete for 'Best Picture - Drama'.

Check out the full list of nominees for this year's ceremony.

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