Golden Globes 2014 : 5 action heroes you wish were on the red carpet

Red carpet alternatives

The star-studded red carpet has some familiar guests but what if we side-tracked for a minute and had a whole new set of attendees?

From tuxedos to dresses, the red carpet is a place to dazzle, to show your style or even to make a scene, like Sacha Baron Cohen did when he poured ash on the Oscars red carpet. So what would happen if we invited some fictional characters into the mix? How would that turn out? It certainly wouldn't get the same kind of news coverage. Ryan Seacrest would find it much more difficult to interview these guests:

1. The Terminator

"I cannot self-terminate"…"My mission is to protect you."…"I'm a cybernetic organism." This interview would be so painful. A very dry, emotionless robot that happens to have a mission, and a gun. Hopefully he wouldn't use it on the carpet.

2. John McClane

"Does it sound like I wanna order pizza?" "Mind your f@##ing business about Holly!" McClane's arrogance would overwhelm interviewers at every turn. His wit would create a storm of controversy…he might even punch out the interviewer.

3. Rambo

"My war's over"…"eughmmmmmmm"… An emotionally charged former soldier with scars all over his body and long hair would certainly turn a few heads. If he brought his dagger with him, maybe he could cut some of the red carpet up and make it into an overcoat.

4. Judge Dredd

"Prepared to be judged!".."I am the law!" A super-cop hell bent on preserving the law to the point of fracture would make a painful yet memorable red carpet interview. Every question would face an authoritarian response..mixed with the possibility of jail. Has an interviewer ever been arrested on the red carpet?

5. xXx

"Kiss my a## scarface.." "Shoot the monkey that sold you this suit" This would go really well. xXx would criticize and attack people regardless of who they are or what they're wearing. Expect this to blow up into a comedic tirade more over-the-top than Charlie Sheen. Would other guests on the red carpet be insulted too?

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