Going viral : Video news agency sends drone to film Kiev Battlefield

The Michael Bay of News reporting

Video news agency Ruptly has sent a drone to film the protests taking place in Ukraine, revealing some incredible footage that could be taken out of a movie. (video below)

The horrific scene of wide spread fires, black smoke and thousands of protestors tells a grim tale, but the way it has been covered is unlike anything we've seen in news gathering.

When the topic of the Amazon drone came to fruition it created a flurry of debate about how robotic flying 'devices' could deliver mail on mass. It also raised questions about security, their use in society, and how they could be implemented for good purposes.

News gathering is one of those areas and as we see here the drone footage has shown some unbelievable scenes that may not have been captured in the same way by crews on the ground. It is only when we see a video like this that the scale of the incident is revealed.

Aerial Footage of Ukraine (Tuesday night)

The use of aerial drone footage is changing how news is reported, however it is not clear whether governments will regulate their use, as drones could be used for multiple purposes.

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