Going Viral: Video mashup breaks Facebook with amazing editing

Ever wanted to witness a dance-floor mashup of the Terminator taking on Tom Cruise with Michael Jackson, Darth Vader, John Wick, Blade and loads of other movie characters all in the same sequence?

This is quite possibly the best mashup video edit we've ever seen combining a flawless cut of some of the most iconic movie characters taking each other on in an epic gun fight.

"Hell's Club" features characters like The Mask, Tony Montana and even Tony Manero (John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever). We also see Robert DeNiro, Sharon Stone, and of course, Robocop making a defiant entry.

The short video has already attained nearly 3 million views and was edited by Antonio Da Saliva, a Paris based filmmaker. It has also been featured on Vimeo with universal praise from editors and filmmakers weighing in on the film's brilliance.

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