Going Viral: The Obama That I Used To Know music video

The Obama That I used to know music video

Obama music video goes live and loud

Remember Gotye's 'Somebody That I used to Know' music video? Well check out this super cool Obama remix that's already getting big attention for its creativity.

We're coming up to the election and it's the start of another season for Obama videos, parodies, mockery and more. The filmmakers behind this latest remake have successfully created a remixed version of Gotye's original video, and intercut it with the backdrop of Obama's iconic photo.

Produced by JustNew Productions and with an original backing soundtrack by Kailynn West, the video reveals the promises Obama made back in 2008 and parodies their 'end result'.

The indie video has already been seen by more than 50,000 people as of today. (Check it out below these quotes).

Iconic Quotes From The Video

"Now and then I think of that election day November…."

"It felt like Change and it's a hope I still remember…"

"The change I got was that I moved in with my mother…"

"Now I need Obama that I used to know…"

"Your big package didn't stimulate me.."

"..Like you'd close Guantanamo and we got nothing…just strap the prisoners in on top of Romney's car…."

The Obama That I Used to Know Music Video

Compare this to the original music video from Gotye

Get more info on the filmmakers : JustNew Productions
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