Going viral : 'Star Wars in Ukraine' protest video

A Star Wars remix video has hit the web turning recent protests in Ukraine into a battle of lightsabers, laser flashes and explosions. (video below)

The over-the-top edit shows a dark, yet funny approach to the protests with footage of protestors attacking a wall of policemen, only to be chased shortly after as they turn on their lightsabers.

The video also incorporates some darker truths, showing towards the end of the sequence protestors getting beaten, with a lightsaber effect.

Featuring no dialogue, and a somewhat heroic soundtrack of defiance, the Star Wars protest video may shock and offend some viewers, but on a creative level, fans will appreciate the sheer bravado of the montage.

Star Wars in Ukraine video

(video missing)

Warning some viewers may find scenes offensive.

While the video was uploaded at the end of January, a recent uptake in interest has given it more prominence. Now that Ukraine is on a new political path, it may be more relevant now, following the unfortunate violence that we've seen these past few days.

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