Going viral: 'Sharknado' the movie

Sharks are coming to a tornado near you

If you thought the concept of 'Snakes on a Plane' was funny, wait until you've seen 'Sharknado'.

Starring Tara Reid and Ian Ziering, 'Sharknado', an original TV movie, is set to defy science by threatening millions of innocent Los Angeles residents with flying sharks.

We've seen the death and destruction caused by some of the world's most powerful natural disasters, but what would happen if they had the combined force of an airborne shark attack? Nothing could be more horrifying.

Samuel L. Jackson famously starred in 'Snakes On the Plane', and at the time it was alleged that he didn't even read the script, because the concept of the movie was that good. Well when it comes to 'Sharknado', who even needs a script? I'm sold!

Sharknado teaser

Syfy have currently taken down their teaser for the TV movie, but this trailer was re-uploaded this week. The Syfy Channel will be launching their epic new disaster/action movie 'Sharknado' this Thursday July 11th at 9pm ET.

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