Going viral : Rebecca Black and her unbelievable comeback video


Rebecca Black video is a hit

It's been slated, desecrated and even obliterated by critics, but the video is still getting views, and after 2 days, Rebecca Black's new release has already attained an unrealistic victory.

Standing at just over 9 million views, 'Saturday', the sequel to the infamous 'Friday' is making Rebecca Black a viral artist, but how is this possible?

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Leading up to the release of 'Saturday', the Youtube sensation regularly released video posts to her fans, and built up an audience of people wanting to know more. With over 550,000 subscribers, Black's impressive following rivals the biggest artists in the US.

Saturday video with Rebecca Black

Compare this to her earlier hit:

Friday video

Should we expect a viral video coming soon called 'Sunday'?

Rebecca Black also recently released a video post that explains how she felt about 'Friday:

Rebecca Black discusses Friday

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