Going viral : President Obama breaks down in tears

A defining moment from the campaign

President Obama gave a speech to his Chicago team after his election victory, but broke down in tears shortly after addressing his closest supporters.

In the past weeks leading up to the President's re-election, people have seen many short videos and campaign ads that have saturated the airwaves. The President has been on TV virtually non-stop for months but nothing can compare to a video such as this, which conveys true emotions, and true convictions in a heartwarming and defining moment. This is the kind of documentary filmmaking from a behind-the-scenes perspective that tells the right story, and reveals to us the reality. Behind all the smoke and mirrors, this is what it's all about.

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In this very touching video, president Obama speaks about "common hopes" and how he looks up to his team as his inspiration. As he talks about the confidence that he has in their future, he begins to shed tears...

President Obama breaks down

"…Because what you guys have done, means that…the work that I'm doing is important…and Im really proud of that. Im really proud of all of you…"

Everyone in the room gives a standing ovation. It's something very personal we've not seen from the President in the public eye, and this will resonate with people for years to come.

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