Going viral : Piers Morgan petition reaches 4th place on Whitehouse list

A petition asking the Obama administration to deport Piers Morgan from the United States has climbed to 4th place on the Whitehouse's top 10 list.

There are currently 73,158 signatures demanding that Piers Morgan be deported from the US for attacking the 2nd ammendment.

What's astonishing about this is that the petition to allow states to independently regulate marijuana use is only a few thousand ahead, and this issue has been a national debate for a long time. It would appear that Piers Morgan's comments on gun restrictions just this past week have angered many Americans who want to protect their right to bear arms.

The only two other petitions to outrank Piers Morgan are the demands of Texans to withdraw from the union and a petition to legally recognise the Westboro Baptist Church as a hate group.

Will the Obama administration have to respond to the demands that Piers Morgan be sent back to the UK?

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