Going viral : Obama playing Daniel Day-Lewis playing Obama

Obama plays Obama

Yes that's right, President Obama got together with Steven Spielberg to define a new era of 'Presidential method acting'.

Released at the White House Correspondent's dinner last night, the funny 'Daniel Day-Lewis skit' has gone viral online, and has become the highlight of this year's dinner.

Opening the skit, Steven Spielberg introduces a new movie that's been on his mind since he went to bed the previous night : A movie about "Obama". This new epic stars Daniel Day-Lewis as 'Obama', and unfolds before our very eyes.

Obama as Daniel Day Lewis but not

What really sets this video apart is that Obama plays the role of Daniel Day-Lewis playing Obama, which is pretty good considering you have to understand the mindset of Daniel Day-Lewis playing Obama. So if you guys can follow me on this:

Obama had to prepare, and study Daniel Day-Lewis to understand how he would portray Obama, then interpret what would be his performance of Obama, but whilst actually being Obama, playing another Obama.

Does President Obama have a future in Hollywood? He certainly does now

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